Unravel Me

And the project to finish of some of the book series I have started continues. So next week there will be a lot of novella reviews that are connected to the series I’ve been reading and I will bunch them together so you will get 2 – 3 mini reviews. I will also start some new series as well.

After Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me comes Unravel me and as the first book was stunning I expected to be equally amazed here. That was not really the case but it is still a great dystopian series. Without ruining the plot for the first book I will explain the plot for the second book very briefly: Juliette got what she wanted and now it is time for revenge. But good and evil is not always so simple and who can someone who has spent her life ostracized really trust.

This was not what I had expected, I had wanted the “let’s start a war and kick some a**!” This was not what happened, instead the book felt like a build up to the next one. I did not like what happened in the romance aspect and the major issue for me in this book was the character Warner.

He was never a character I liked and he took a lot of space in the book. In the end I realized that I had to try to be indifferent about him. But I still don’t like the twist he gave the book and I still don’t like him. Luckily Warner is supposed to be the “special” complex character in the book that everyone loves and most people will probably like that a lot. It just didn’t cut it for me.

Everything else was good and all the things I liked in Shatter Me still appear here. The major problem is that the plot is just a buildup. But it looks like everything I wanted to go down in this book will happened in the next one so I keep my hopes up. 8 / 10


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