The Descendants

There are some movies that you just postpone for years and this is one of them. The Descendants is a drama movie that came out in 2011. This is a family drama where a father must deal with the consequences of having his wife injured in a boat accident.

This was not the story I was looking for at all! I felt like this was just a bad drama movie that you could have guessed everything about.  Luckily the movie does have some things that manage to make it unique. One of those things is the soundtrack, the Hawaiian music gives the movie character even though it was not my style.

The second thing was the bitterness of George Clooney’s character. It kind of reminded me of Tony Stark (Iron Man), with its sarcastic humor and some rage moments. It was not as good as Tony Stark but it did keep the movie from being completely horrible.

The plot in the movie was never good and the ending made no statement at all. If I were you I would honestly skip this movie.


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