Woho my 200th post!
Before I Fall
was such a perfect book that I wanted to read other books that Lauren Oliver had written. Therefore I picked up the dystopian Delirium trilogy even though I was not so interested in it. My plan is still to finish of some series that I have started and now it’s just another series to add to the pile.

Soon Lena will be safe, she will soon get hare vaccine towards “the delirium”. The vaccine will keep her from falling in love and love is seen as a disease by the society. So as long as Lena has gone through the procedure she will be fine, right?

I’m not really sure why many have praised the series, sure it was okay but after reading the complexity Before I Fall contained I had hoped for more. The characters were good, but they did not really go beyond that until the end. I had thought that the plot would be a lot better since I don’t like romance is not really my think I had thought that this would be perfect.

I was not really a fan of the setting they were in either, it was kind of average, it was described in a good way and you completely get it but I had hoped for something more exciting. The book got a lot better towards the ending so I do think that the sequels will be better but so far I am not that impressed. Delirium was good, but that is pretty much where it stops if you exclude the ending which was great. But I did not want a good book! I wanted a great one, so I hope the continuation gives me that. 7 / 10


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