World War Z

Yesterday I hit the theaters and I thought I would be watching a well made zombie movie that was slightly scary. I also thought that I would not be impressed with Brad Pit as I have never really seen a movie with him that I liked or remembered. In the end only less than half of those statements were true and this is how the story goes.

After the zombie breakout Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) must resume his work for the UN and try to stop the zombies.

A tiny plot summary, but do you know why that happened? There is not much more to say and we have seen this movie before. It has the same plot that pretty much any war movie have with the typical ending. Another thing that I was not so impresses with was the last part of it. Somewhere during the last 30 minutes the plot speed picked up and it felt hurried and lucky coincidences that are so movie-like happened.

Now you think I hate the movie but I don’t. Everything it was extremely well made, from the acting, to the sound effects to the visuals and there were some aspects that made it feel a bit less like the story you have seen before namely trips outside the States. I was amazed that I found myself liking Brad Pits acting, tough I was disappointed with his on screen family and especially the wife’s character, it was a bit stereotypical and slightly overacted.

This is NOT a scary movie and I have no clue why it’s in the scary section, there were no jumpscares whatsoever and if you can watch the Walking Dead or Zombieland then this will feel like a normal war movie. I also found that the funny moments that these types of movies have in form of sarcastic remarks were never funny. It’s not supposed to be a comedy but I felt that they could have tried to make those moments good.

But so what if you have seen the story before, the movie was really well made and good in many other aspects and therefore I am still widely positive. 8 / 10


6 comments on “World War Z

  1. And the soundtrack!! it was good too!! (Sorry, I’m a huge fan of MUSE, the ones who did the movie theme song)

  2. Jack Flacco says:

    This movie rocks right out of the gate. I love it in every way. Prior to release everyone thought it wasn’t going to be much a success. But it’s proven all the naysayers wrong. The movie’s amazing, the score is incredible, the acting is great and the effects are so good. Like I said this movie rocks!

    • I did not really have much an opinion on it before I went to see it but I do think most naysayers will think that is extremely well done, because it really is a well made movie and I’m not surprised once my friend told me about their budget. It was stunning in pretty much every aspect it’s a perfect popcorn movie!

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