Note: This week has been pretty much a book week because I haven’t really felt like doing anything since I came home from Croatia. Or well I did clean the house and put up some new paintings in my room, but there is no joy in that for you. Either way you will get a movie post (hopefully two) during the weekend. After that the plan is to finish of some of the book series I have started, play some PC games and watch some unknown and new movies. The Game part might be an issue because my laptop is not the best gaming platform, so I’ll steal my mother’s pc. But since it is my mother’s it might take some time to finish of those games. So that is the plan and now on to the review:

This is the book that is on everyone’s list to finish as soon as possible. With Margret Sthol, one of the Beautiful Creatures authors writing this one the hype has been huge and many seem to think that this will be the upcoming best seller. Unfortunately for the book itself it was more of a failure and an immense disappointment.

After an alien invasion all electricity has been wiped out and millions of lives have been lost. Dol and her friend Ro are not like everyone else, they can do things others can’t and they survived when their families died. After being captured they finally realize why they are different and they meet two more like themselves.

This was all so bad! The plot brought nothing new, the characters were mainly an unlikable mess and there were only two background characters in the book that I sort of liked. I did not like the way that to story carried out. I did not like the setting and I certainly did not like the ending. The descriptions of everything in the book were so strange, I did not really get the deal with the invaders and they were supposed to be a threat, but they were not described as it. Then you also had an embassy which was also supposed to be evil, which it did not really seem like.

Everything was just so out of place and blurry. I had expected something special, but this was mainly over hyped and not my story at all. This was just a huge failure in my eyes and I won’t be picking up the sequel. 3/10


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