Mermaids, I did read a series for children about them, but I wanted to try a YA book with them as well. This fantasy book came out last year and it may not be the best book ever, but it was pretty good and I have big hopes for the rest of the Water Song series. Gemma is the perfect girl, she has everything and life always floats her way. But her late night swims leaves her sister Harper worried about her and one day she realizes that she was right to worry. Three strange tourists seem to want something from Gemma, something that will change her life forever.

This is one of those books that is really good, but never really goes beyond that. The major reason to why I like the book as much as I did is the ending, since it hints about a very different plot, or perhaps were the real story begins. Gemma was a good character, she is one of those characters that you don’t love but you have nothing against them at the same time.

Her sister Harper on the other hand is a different story. She was just above descent, and the ending suggested that we will be seeing more from her, which I’m not a fan of. She was just one of those characters you have seen before, the responsible one who takes care of everything and doesn’t really have a life of her own. Even though it was a well written story it never really peaked until the last pages and the characters did not make up for that. Luckily I’m still dying for the continuation so I will be picking that one up soon. 7/10


2 comments on “Wake

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