Just as I promised here is the review of the sequel to Cinder and the second book in the Lunar Chronicles. This time it’s not only a fairytale retelling of Cinderella, but also the red riding hood like the cover suggests.  As always I will try my best to avoid spoilers, but since it’s the second book it might be a bit harder.

In this book we meet Scarlet, a girl from France who’s on a mission to find her missing grandma. We also get to follow Cinder as she must deal with the consequences of what she learned the last time we saw her. She now needs to figure out which path to take and that somehow all connects back to Scarlet and her grandmother.

So, we got to met Scarlett. Well I am mostly mad about that, sure she was a well written character, but we got an abrupt ending in the last book and I wanted to follow Cinder’s story. Cinder is a much better character in every aspect and the whole time I was reading about Scarlet I just wanted to skim through the chapters. Luckily enough Cinder does get about 40 % of the book so it’s not a complete disaster. Sure it does all connect in the end, but I found it to be a bunch of annoying chapters with a plot that was way worse than the first book.

Cinder’s story and awesome character makes up for most of it. We do get some other interesting perspectives as well, namely Emperor Kai and Queen Levenas’.  There were just a few pages but it was fun to read through their eyes and it was certainly a lot better than Scarlet’s story. The book is still very well written and the world is interesting. The ending gave me a lot of promise for the next book. Seeing as the book titles represents persons I still don’t dare to hope to much since there are unfamiliar names on both the future book, which means new characters.

It’s still a good book but it was way worse than Cinder. So now I just hope that the others will be better because I will be picking them up once they are released. Luckily Marissa Mayer has made some short stories connected to the series, so if I can get a hold of them the wait for the upcoming sequels may not be too long. 7 / 10

Review of the previous book:



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