Hello everyone! I’m finally back and during my trip I finished four books. So you will get some book reviews this week and I will give you the review of the sequel to Cinder tomorrow. Cinder was a book I never really wanted to read, but a librarian convinced me to read it anyways, which was really good since I absolutely loved this book. It came out last year and it’s a fairytale retelling of Cinderella, set in a dystopian society.

Cinder is a cyborg who lives and works as a mechanic in New Beijing. One day the prince drops by asking Cinder to fix his android and then everything in Cinders life changes. The plague hits close to home, turning Cinders life into a mess and it later appears that Cinder may not be just a plain useless cyborg anymore.

Now this is wonderful, a sci-fi book with terrific characters that I absolutely loved. Cinder is amazing and her cyborg qualities make the book fun to read.  The other characters are great as well, the android in Cinders family is a nice addition to the book and I found her entertaining. Prince Kai and Queen Leveana are well written interesting characters as well. I liked the plot a lot and I liked the plot twists. Some of them were slightly predictable, but it did not really bother me since the characters made it fun to read those parts as well.

Everything was pretty perfect in this book, the setting the way they made the romance work so it was not the typical idiotic love at first sight, but more of a “he is a celebrity and I adore him” kind of romance. It does feel kind of strange writing a positive review when I’m not equally happy about the sequel, so I’m going to cut it short and say that Cinder is an amazing book and I would really recommend it. So in the end my skepticism was pretty dumb and I should have read this book sooner. 10 / 10

In the beginning I hated the cover, but it serves its purpose and the foot was implanted quite a few times in the book. Unfortunately I did not get the Cinderella shoe connection until the very end *makes a facepalm*.


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