Another new movie review. This one is in the Sci-fi genre so I was very happy. It is about a man who is sent to Earth gather resources from it. Once he is there her starts remembering things and discovers things about his past.

I loved the setting! Everything in the movie looked visually amazing! The plot was excellent, in the beginning… Then it started to feel like a story I have seen before and really did not want to see. The only difference from the bad story I did not want to see was the Sci-Fi elements that at least made it look nice to watch. I had really not expected the story to get so bad and what confused me even more was that there was no redemption once the plot started to worsen.

I have ever rally been a big fan of Tom Cruise. I know that he can act and be good at it but somehow I have never really got “what’s so great about him”. That being said I thought he was really good in this movie even though I thought he had a bad plot to work with.

This review will be really short, but right now I am half way through a Swedish movie that I will be most likely extremely disappointed with, so that one will probably longer. As far as Oblivion goes I still think it’s a good movie, the acting and the visuals makes up for a lot, but unfortunately the story destroys a movie that could have been fantastic, by turning it to a movie that is just good. 7 / 10



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