I have been looking into some stories that deal with amnesia so I was happy when I found this book in the library. The author is Cat Patrick, it is a contemporary young adult book and it came out in 2011.

Each night London forgets all her memoires of the previous day. After she wakes up the only memories she has are memories from the future. Therefore she relies on notes she writes before she falls asleep to get through her life. But then things start to change and she experiences bizarre dreams and memories from the future and as they become worse London decides to learn something about her past so it doesn’t destroy her future.

I thought I had read the backpage of this book before I read it but I must have done so very clumsily because I remembered nothing about London being able to see the future, but who knows, maybe I am the one with amnesia. The point was that I was not so impressed with the memories from the future in the book. Nor did I like the latter half of it. The beginning was fine, the character was lovely and I liked the memory notes she wrote every day. It was all very interesting to read about a person in that situation. Unfortunately I thought that it all went downhill when she started to explore her past. The story did not capture me like it had done in the beginning and the ending felt overused.

It’s such a shame because I really liked the beginning of the book and I thought it was going to be great, but now I am just disappointed and there is not really anything else to say about that. 6 / 10


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