Betrayed at 17

This is a pretty unknown movie that came out in 2011. If you are going to watch the movie I suggest you stay away from the trailer as it reveals every single thing that happens in the movie in about 30 seconds. The movie also features a few seconds of an opening sequence where the director makes a Shakespeare and tells you a lot about the movie in form of some black and white flickering images. This was something that I found really bad, not only did the trailer ruin a lot, the first seconds of the actual movie were ruining things as well and I don’t like knowing everything before watching it.

Therefore I will strive to be better at explaining the plot than the trailer and the spoiler alert in the beginning. This is a very realistic movie following a 17-year-old girl. As she loses her virginity the guy secretly taped the whole thing to brag to his best buddy. Things quickly descend and the video leaks out. Then a dramatic consequence will follow and after that the movie spends it’s time dealing with the aftermath.

This is one of those movies that are good for everyone to see, perhaps not for parents as they might not be too happy about what actually happens to the girl. The message of the movie is strong and the plot occasionally gets really intense. I thought that the movie would become boring after a certain thing happened, but it actually didn’t and I really liked that. The actors are all unknown faces but I thought they did a pretty good job. The characters are stereotypical, but in a realistic way that makes the plot work.

The only bad things were the ending, it was too typical (but most people will probably like it) and I also did not like the setting. The setting works and everything but sometimes I feel that it’s all or nothing from the movie industry in USA. Either we have poor characters succeeding or we have the ridiculously rich once with fancy hoses and fancy cars. For this movie it was the rich community theme we were faced with and I am getting tired of it. That was just a little reflection and now I am kind of wondering if I am the only one feeling this way?

In the end I would say that this is a really good movie with just a few minor setbacks and sometimes that is the best thing about unknown movies because they can easily become a pleasant surprise. 8 / 10


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