Strictly Ballroom

A dance movie recommendation I got from a friend. This is a movie from 1992 and the genres are comedy and drama. This review will be pretty short since I don’t really have that much to say except that this is not my type of movie. The movie is all about a male dancer who are tired at his old dance routines and wants’ to create something new, with a new partner.

This is a typical feel good movie where everything is exaggerated out to the extremes. I have never been a fan of those types of movies so I was not pleased. There is nothing wrong about the plot in itself it’s just that exaggerating everything around it ruins it all. The characters are overacting and it is supposed to be funny, but I have never liked that kind of humor.  I find it more of an annoyance when you make stereotypical overacting characters in the background and I just smack them with a shovel. That made me think of a quote there is on a whiteboard in one of my classrooms “if you erase this, you will get hit, in the face, with a chair” and I kept thinking in my head “if you keep exaggerating, you will be hit, in the face, with a chair.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that this movie is really wrong for someone like me even though I liked the plot. But if you think this is one suits you then I would recommend it, because if you liked the things I complained about you might find this to be great! 5 / 10


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