Fast and Furious 6

One of the most famous action movie franchises have returned back to the big screens with its 6th installment! So brace yourself for two hours of action if you are planning to hit the theaters to see some fast cars in action.

The crew is gathered together again, and this time they will be working with the police and catch a mastermind named Shaw. If they succeed all their criminal records will be swiped away and they will all go free.

There is a certain mood you need to be in to like movies like this; you need to let the action scenes capture you and yon need to like the characters. In the beginning of the movie I was not in that mood at all, I have always loved the franchise but there was nothing joyous about this one. For the first hour I barely cared about the movie at all and I thought to myself is this what the Fast and Furious movies have ended up like? Then after the first hour something spiked and I was suddenly in the mood to watch a kick-ass action movie.

That was exactly what I got and once I was in the mood to watch it everything was perfect again. The characters were lovely as always, the action scenes and the visuals were stunning and I actually started to like the plot a lot as well. The movies believability is extremely low just as the previous movies, it is full of action packed scenes that are not realistic at all that are completely mind-blowing and leaves you loving the movie.

I assume the final conclusion to be that you should see this movie when you want to see it, with a popcorn bag ready and a good friend and then you will have reached the optimal situation to watch a movie like this. 9 / 10


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