Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I finally feel that I have played the game enough to be able to review it. Tekken is a series of fighting games were different characters fight against each other to win a tournament. The game can be played by yourself or with up to four players at the same time. The game was released last year for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

The game has a lot of plusses and minuses. The graphics look a lot better but I sometimes felt that the characters looked a bit to shiny. They managed to fit a lot of characters into the game but they were all unlocked from the beginning which I did not think was particularly fun. The gameplay is on a similar level to what it has always been, at least when you play the arcade mode. When you go online and play ghost battles here is a problem with the game. There are attacks that can drain over 50% of your characters health, but they you just get up again right? Wrong, characters can juggle you character countless of times meaning that you might never get a chance to fight pack and the “don’t kick someone who is already down” policy does not exist here.

Example of a character who looks a bit to shiny.

I can get that to a certain extent and it has been like this in many of the previous Tekken games as well, but I feel that its way more in this game and it kind of kills the feeling. In many modes one can learn about the basics of the game and it’s not impossible for a button masher to win some fights. Personally I have never really been a button masher; I don’t know all the moves the character has because I think that kills the feeling. If you have studied the combat styles so much that you know everything then I don’t think the game is so much fun, you have become more of a robot who plays the game automatically. I know some character moves, and I do my fair amount of strategical guesses when I play and don’t just press the buttons randomly. My style is a problem in this game as it wants you to learn more moves and it kind off pressures you to become a more advanced player than the previous games have been doing.

The customization is a lot of fun and you can give the characters you personal twist, but sometimes I am not so much of a fan. Sur it is fun to see the ridiculous outfits some have come up with but is sometimes feel like “let’s make the girls look like strippers and the guys look like pink fairies with wings, oh and why don’t we give the characters an ice-cream to hold in their hand as they perform an uppercut?!” You get the idea and sure I think it’s a nice addition but it gets a bit too much at times and the characters can look really tacky.

I’m not even sure who this character even is with all pinkness going on and turning a tough guy into this is just not a good match.

Panda usually wears nothing, but not anymore and he just looks sad…

I won’t bore you with my long rant so I guess you can say that I think the game contradicts itself many times. It has a bit of everything but I don’t think they mixed it in the best way they could. Still this is one of my favorite game series and I will love Namco forever for making it and just because of that this game might get a higher score than it actually deserves… 8 / 10


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