Tonight I will be going to Croatia for 11 days. I have 7 posts that will be published in the automatic publicizer. The days that won’t be updated are Saturday the 29th, Sunday the 30th, Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th. The 7th of July is also the day that I will be home by. Tough I’m not sure if I’ll have a new update ready on the Monday or Tuesday after I have come home. So we’ll see about that.

Otherwise you will not really know that I’m gone since I have posts for all the days I did not mention in the upper paragraph. It will be mainly movies but also a game and a book. All posts will be published at the same time, just in different days. The time will be 8:00 AM in the London time zone, meaning that for the Swedish once will see it at 9:00 AM and so on.

I will be responding to comments and everything once I’m home, so comment as much as you feel like but don’t expect any replies before Monday the 7th.  That being said I’ll see you guys in 11 days, so go out and enjoy the sunshine, for those of you that can at least. For the others I hope you will find something fun to do in poor weather and I’ll see you soon.

/ Regards Analyzemaster  


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