Woho, I have finally read my first Stephen King book, this is something I planned on doing for a long time but I never really got around to actually do it. This thing that motivated me was the upcoming new movie version of Carrie with an actress I really like. If you have missed it I’ll give you the trailer and then you won’t even have to read my plot summary.

Now you technically won’t need the summary but I’ll throw it in here anyway. Carrie is a seventeen-year-old girl who is telekinetic (she can movie things with her mind) and lives with the religious extremist who is also her mother. Carrie has always been bullied and one day it all goes too far and it all ends in a disaster.

Now I can clearly see why Stephen King is so famous, his writing style is pretty special and even though I liked it in the beginning I fund all the different angles I got to read from a bit too much. An example of that would be the last fifty pages which would only have been ten if the perspective didn’t constantly shift. The ending moment or part three of the book is the peak of the plot and I tough that the plot shifts took away a lot of the built up tension even though you learned a lot about the story from them.

The plot on the other hand was really interesting, it was special and I liked how intense it got towards the end. Carrie, the mother and the rest of the characters were phenomenal as well. The mother was really an original individual that contributed to most of the horror elements. Personally I have never really grasped the horror elements in a book. Are they supposed to scare you? Because personally I am never scared, it’s exciting to read horror books tough I’m never scarred and in most cases I would not have known if the book I’m reading is a horror book simply by reading it. I don’t know if it’s just me who feels that way so throw me some responses in the comments so I can understand the horror genre in books better.

In the end Carrie was great in many ways but it failed in the perspectives aspects. I think that this is one of those books that will look great as movies so I am really keeping my fingers crossed when I hit the theaters in October. 8 / 10


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