Make it Happen

Dance movies, I usually really like them. Sure most of them are not really revolutionary but they are usually entertaining and light movies without too many layers, which is what I need after last night’s Geisha memoirs. This one is from 2008 and we follow a girl trying to peruse her dreams to become a dancer. When her audition to a dance school fails she ends up staying in Chicago trying to make her dream happen in another way.

This is a typical feel good movie that is just average. Everything about the movie is average. The story since we have all heard it before, the soundtrack is commercial average music that gets the job done without doing a god contribution to the movie. The characters are pretty standard once that we have already seen in other movies. As far as the dance goes it is definitely not something that I could do myself but I don’t feel that it lives up to that standard that make you think every move the character make is stunning.

The bad romance story that give you fights like the “you do not understand me at all” that feels overused and it is just not something that you want to see. The sad story about her parents have died and she gets to watch a video giving her found memory flashbacks are not exactly innovative either. It is just the typical problem we have all seen before and we should all feel really sorry for the main character. I am being harsh now but this is the reality of the movie, it is not special and it uses so many overused things in the story. Then we have the breakthrough of the character in the late part of the movie where the character decides to do… guess what? Take control over her life which is typical, very typical.

So after the drama and after… well everything, this movie ends just as you thought it would. So I guess this is it, a standard feel good movie that should not be judged by the same standards as “real complex movies” and therefore I will be nice, because in the end I wanted to see a dance movie and that was what I got, even though you can definitely find better ones than this, it was not too bad. 7 / 10 After being so criticizing I am being nice, but if I would be harsh again it would be a 6 / 10 so decide for yourselves if you feel like it.


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