Memoirs of a Geisha

I bet you thought you wouldn’t hear from me today but here I am… well in some countries it’s already tomorrow but you can’t always win… To turn my movie watching mode back on I decided to watch one of my favorite movies from my childhood that is actually not a kids movie. Memoirs of a Geisha is the first academy winning movie I ever saw that I can recall. Even before I saw Titanic for the first time I had already seen Memoirs of a Geisha more than once. I was captured by the beautiful DVD cover I immersed myself into an even more beautiful movie so that I would deeply recommend. The slightly over two hours of duration time is completely worth the watch.

This is the movie adaption from the same titled historical novel. It is a drama and romance movie that came out in 2005 and I should also mention that the spoken language is English. Just as the title suggests this is a story about a girl who becomes a Geisha. From being a young girl we get to watch Chiyo grow up to become a Geisha , with setbacks and success. It is all set before and after the Second World War, but it is a fictional story.

Stunning visuals, an outstanding story, a marvelous soundtrack and exquisite characters would be the words that sum up the entire movie. Over all miraculous would be the term. The movie is as culturally amazing and everything is made so beautiful that it is hard to describe it. I have always loved the countries in Asia and since I was very young I liked to hear about their cultures. This is a story like no other, capturing, gripping and executed perfectly.  You think one might get bored after about two hours of watching but they manage to fit a lot of things into the movie so that a dull moment never passes by. The visuals are insanely beautiful and the movie is full of colors.

With this being one of the best movies I have seen I should probably have a lot more to say, but the movie is so breath taking that I am at a loss of words, so if I were you I wouldn’t miss the movie for the world. I know some might criticize the romance part and I should be one of them since I usually got a negative aspect of it. But honestly … this movie is too perfect for me to care eve tough I get where they are coming from. 10 / 10


3 comments on “Memoirs of a Geisha

  1. xtg120 says:

    Reblogged this on xtg120.

  2. Gist Editor says:

    nice post . . .I’ve got to see this movie. been procrastinating forever . . . maybe might never see it eventually. hope not, though

    • Thanks! I really think it’s worth the watch even though the movie is pretty long, I’d say that it’s a great movie for that rainy evening where your plans got canceled.

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