Topp 5 Games I want in 2013

Summer may not be the optimal time for gaming, but after just buying two games I instantly want more of them, but they are all new (or not even existing yet) well like I said games are not chap. So since I won’t buy them (yet) I’ll give you my wish lists of the games I look forward to most this year. (Click at the game titles to magically get a trailer of the games.) For some reason the number ranking refused to cooperate with me so I’ll just say that I begin with the number one and then it continues in a decreasing scale…

Mirror’s Edge 2: It is always hard to decide the first place but after the E3 announcement on the sequel to mirror’s edge I was sold. I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed for a PC and/or PS3 version since I won’t be able to play it otherwise. But seriously, an innovative parkour game, where you don’t just shoot the first thing you see. All set in an awesome dystopian sci-fi environment, with a kick-ass character! –Well it’s not hard to see why I wouldn’t want it…

Amnesia a Machine for Pigs: The only reason to why this is not the number one is because one should not be so excited about screaming their lungs of… Well the survival horror game sequel to the first Amnesia is in the final tough ups before the releases, personally I hope Frictional Games will take as much time as they need to fix bugs and such before the release because that is what made the first game so awesome. The trailer looks great, I like that it is set in another era, with (hopefully) a different story. Well I’m almost sure that there was going to be a different story… Either way I look forward to having some nightmares now because this is going to be awesome.

Tomb Raider: I never played any of the previous games and I have shocked myself by adding this game to my list. It is all because of an awesome video review I found on YouTube that really showed off how visually stunning the game is. The gameplay also seems like a lot of fun and I really think that this adventure game could be my new thing!

Remember Me: No this is not the romance movie… This is an awesome mind-blowing sci-fi story about a girl who erases memories. It almost looks like a mesh of Mirror’s Edge, a sci-fi movie (namely I, Robot) and some fighting sequences that seems pretty similar to Tekken. Add a great soundtrack, outstanding visuals and a nice tough girl to be the main character an you got yourself a deal! Or at least in my world…

The Last of Us: Zoooooombies!!! I thought I was going to be completely sold on this game once I got a glimpse of how good it looked and the characters… Unfortunately when I dug a bit deeper I realized that the game might be too hard for me (hehe). But I still want to give this survival-horror and action game a shot… Who knows, with some training I might actually become good at defending myself from the zombies and concur the game.

Are any of these games the winners for you too or are you going in another direction?


11 comments on “Topp 5 Games I want in 2013

  1. shrey says:

    The Last of Us is hard! I got whopped on normal!

    • Ah, that is a shame! I really hope easy mode will be easy enough or that I somehow miraculously get good at shooting zombies on a PS3, because otherwise I’m screwed…

  2. williamjepma says:

    Tomb Raider is great, I loved it, can’t wait for Mirror’s Edge 2, and am playing through The Last of Us now. And lemme tell you, it is something special. I’m playing on Normal and it’s not too difficult, just takes some trial and error, but if you played on Easy you’d be fine. So yeah, you better play it. It’s amazing.

    As for my list, I’m looking forward to the next-gen stuff, and a few games like Batman: Arkham Origins as well as going back to replay some older stuff I missed. It’s a good time to be a gamer! 😀

    • It really is a good time to be a gamer!  I think the main problem is that The Last of Us is PS3 exclusive and besides Mirror’s edge I don’t recall ever having to shoot anything on PS3, but I still think that I will buy the game, it looks way to amazing for me to just let it slip by.

      In the beginning I thought that the next gen consoles would be too expensive. So when the prize hit a bit over 1000$ I did not even want to think about the prices for the games. But then the consol price was lowered to about 400$ so now I am excited for the next gen games as well, even though I haven’t bothered to look up any of the upcoming games yet. It’s really fun who we both want / like many of the same games! 😀

      • williamjepma says:

        You haven’t shot anything on the PS3?! Then you’re missing out on so many great games! The shooting in TLoU takes some time to time to get used to, since it’s very realistic in terms of aiming and kickback, but once you figure it out it’s great. I have an 83% accuracy too, so it’s not bad at all. 🙂

        If you get it, you’ll have to let me know what you think of it! 😀

      • I know I have been missing out on all those games but the thing is that shooters are not really my type of games. It’s really fun when I play it at my friends’ places but it’s not something I buy for myself. The exception would probably be Counter Strike and Quake 3 which I actually own and I thought it was fun playing them.

        I do think that TLoU (of what I have seen so far) has the type of shooting sequences that I could manage to play even though I am hapless at aiming on consoles. But I will most likely get the game and you will for sure now what I think of it, because if I buy the game there will definitely be a review appearing in the future, so you will get to hear about my thoughts on it. 🙂

        So when I play the game I just have to hope that I get a kick-ass frenzy (that occasionally happened for me in Mirror’s Edge) where I go crazy and kill everything quite skillfully! Well at least for someone who is bad at shooter games 😀

      • williamjepma says:

        If you like it, also try the Uncharted series. They’re also made by Naughty Dog (who are behind Jak and Daxter and TLoU) and they’re probably my favorite games out there. 🙂 Hope you have fun!

      • It’s fun that you mention that series because I was actually looking at some gameplay from them yesterday, but then my mother appeared with strawberries and I totally forgot all about what I was doing 😀 But Uncharted 3 Cargo Plane looks like a lot of fun so I’ll do some more investigating and then I might buy that as well. (Gosh 2013 will be an expensive year with awesome games, new consoles and many great movies!) 🙂

      • Whops, I just realized that Cargo plane was just a sub section of the game, but the rest of Uncharted 3 looks great as well! 🙂

      • williamjepma says:

        If you play them, start with the first one. The sequels will be that much better if you do. 🙂 And I know how you feel, I’m stocking up on whatever money I make from work because I know it’s gonna all be gone by Christmas. 😛 haha!

      • That is true and the first game will be a lot cheaper, meaning I’ll save some money to spend on more games, hehe. 😉 I do get the feeling that mine will disappear bit by bit as well. 😛

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