Veronica Roth has made one of the most talked about YA book series now, forget about Twilight and The Hunger Games because now it is all about this dystopian series and I am so glad that I have finally read it.

The world is divided into factions and as Beatrice is now 16-years-old to choose which ones she wants to live in for the rest of her life. Beatrice was born in the Abnegation (the selfless) faction and breaking from that faction means abandoning and breaking the contact with everyone from her old faction. The other factions she can join are: Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). It all comes down to the choice, and how it will change her life forever.

In the beginning I was not completely impressed with the story but things got better and better. Beatrice (or Tris as she also will be called) is a nice main character, she is not so stereotypical and I like her thought patterns. The background characters are good as well and I think the factions are a nice way of making sensible characters that works well with the plot.

The book is in one of my favorite genres and it was lovely to see that the romance was kept in the background and when it was there it did not bother me at all. The story is very good as well and it has the right amount of complexity in it. For some reason I won’t praise it to the sky as much as many others have done, sure it was a really, really good book, but not the best one I have ever read. (Which is what most seem to think). I do however feel that it will keep improve in the next book and I will be looking forward to see what will happen in the sequels.  9 / 10


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