Game of Thrones (season 3)

Summer is coming and most shows are finishing up their seasons, this time it was Game of Thrones turn to finish up the third season. The fantasy show is about noble families battling for power in a fictional world.

I decided to keep the summary short since I’m not good at explaining the plot for this show at all. The show is still equally good as it has been in the previous two seasons. I still don’t like half of the characters of the show bet the ones I like I like a lot. I do think that is what makes the show good; they have a character for everyone. Unfortunately that also means that I loose interest during half of the show since I don’t care about all the characters.

The plot is staying strong and even though I only care about 50% of it the show manages to be interesting enough so that I still want to watch it. I like that it is a fantasy show and it makes the show a lot more entertaining to watch. The big disappointment for me was that the cliffhanger from last season that went pretty much undeveloped in season 3. So far I still find the show to be really good, but it will be interesting to see for how long I will like it, since I only care about half of the show. 8 / 10


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