Shatter Me

The last movie I saw gave me no inspiration to watch another one so I am still not in the movie watching mood and I don’t know when that will return. Luckily I have a book review for you. Shatter Me is the first book in the series and the book is written by Tahereh Mafi. The young adult book came out in 2011 and it is a dystopian book.

Juliette has been exciled in a mental hospital where she has been in isolation for the past 264 days. The world outside Juliette’s life is crashing quickly, diseases, food shortage and strange things happening to the environment are ruining the world. This means that there in no time to figure out why Juliette’s tough is fatal and therefore she is left in isolation, but one day something happens and Juliette must try to avoid becoming a weapon of mass destruction.

It is here, a book with an interesting unique character that exceeds your expectations. You can forget all the other brave dystopia girls because Juliette pretty much shatters them all. (Yes it was an intentional pun. 🙂 ) Juliette has a lot of layers and even though she has been in isolation the book does not confuse you at all. The rest of the characters were good as well and their development was intriguing.

Before you open the book it might be good to know that many words are overlined (study the left cover to get a peak at what it can look like.) It is just some of the words tough and you got used to it so it was not bothering me at all. In the beginning I was skeptical when I saw this but it is and interesting way of portraying Juliette’s thoughts and you realize quite a bit about her by reading the overlined words. This is not something that I would like to see in other series but I think it works in this one.

The plot was very good as well, it kept developing and became better and better. In the end Shatter Me ends it with a breathtaking ending and I will probably keep holding my breath until I start the sequel. 10 / 10

This is the most common cover

But this one is the same style as the rest of the books


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