Tekken Hybrid

It has been sooooo long since I wrote about a game, but games are expensive and I really do think that’s my main reason for so seldom updating the game category. Tekken has always been one of my favorite franchises, so when I heard that there was a new HD version of tekken tag tournament for ps3 I was instantly happy. Tekken Hybrid also features a movie (a review will come of that in the movie category sometime in the future) and a demo for tekken tag tournament 2. Since I have already bought tekken tag tournament  2 (review is coming soon) and will talk about the movie in the future as well this review will only be about the HD remake of tekken tag tournament.

Before I give you my opinions it would be good to know that tekken tag tournament is a fighting game where characters fight with each other to win a tournament. The game can be played alone but also with a friend and you can choose to have your friend on the same team as yourself or the opposite one. The game also features a bowling mode where you obviously enough play bowling with you characters.

I am honestly conflicted about this… I am glad to be able to play one of my favorite games again, but I am also disappointed for a lot of reasons. The HD version looks better than the original one for ps2, but I do feel that they could have done a lot more to improve the graphics if they had wanted to. The gameplay is still as fun as it used to be but the developers did one of the most awful things I have ever seen when it comes to releases… All the characters, gameplay modes and pretty much everything fun about playing the game was already unlocked! The basically ruined the entire experience and a game is supposed to be concurred and not handing you everything directly.

Where is the challenge, is what I ask myself now, and why take away all the joy from playing the game?! If your old playstation 2 is not working anymore and you really, really want to play the game (as I did) then go for it. You will like the nostalgia, but trust me, get the game cheap because this kind of disappointment is not worth spending your money one. Do I regret buying it? – No, it is still the fun game that I used to love, but I strongly advise you to think before you buy it. 6 / 10


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