172 Hours on the Moon

This will be a pretty long, but hopefully good post so prepare yourselves… Woho, another book review and this time it’s from the Norwegian author Johan Harstad and he gave me a sci-fi book and horror book. So this was pretty much perfect, two of my favorite genres and some astronomy, which I used to like as a kid. The English version of this young adult book came out last year. As I saw the Swedish cover (its three kids with the moon and earth in the background) I thought it was kind of standard, it suits the book but I thought the English ones were more fun, so I’ll let you look at them later.

It had been years since anyone has been on the moon and NASA has a shortage of money and they therefore launch a competition where three teens will win a 172 hour trip to the moon. The winners are a girl from Norway, a girl from Japan and a boy from France. As they set of to the moon they realize that a danger is lurking on the moon and the teens might have won themselves a one way ticket.

This was a nice new idea that I had not, seen heard about or read before. Innovation is key to success and I felt that they pulled that one off here. The book did not succeed in every aspect but in the end it was all so perfect that I almost forgot about the things I disliked at first. The good thing is that the book gets better and better but I thought that about 40% of the first part in the book was a bit to slow paced. The main characters were not that good at first but they grew one me.

Another thing was the third person point of view, there were a lot of characters in the book and I thought it was a bit too much and a bit blurry in the beginning, especially the old man in the elderly home. Hi was more of an annoyance but he did serve his purpose in the end. Now I have pretty much only blabbed about the bad things but you need to be aware of them and you need to continue to read. Because after they have arrived on the moon the plot is pretty much action packed. The book even contained pictures and some other fun elements to make up for the 150 paged slow beginning.

Example of a picture found in the book

Example of a picture found in the book

In the end it is worth a read since everything about the book improves in the later parts. I thought that the last twenty pages were a little disappointing, but then the shocking ending came and instant happiness on my part occurred. So I would greatly, greatly recommend the book and I would advise so patience while you are reading it. 8 / 10

 Paperback versus hardcover versus e-book. Who will win the battle folks?

Paperback versus hardcover versus e-book. Who will win the battle folks? Let me know! 🙂


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