Grey’s Anatomy Season 9

In October I said that I would return with a review of the ninth season. If you have missed the two previous ones and are interested you can always hit the search bar. As I felt that the show became Titanic during its final moments I postponed watching the season for a while. If you felt the same way I did then I recommend you to think again because now Grey’s Anatomy has finally become good again.

I’ll be brief on the overall plot but the show is about a group of interns training to become surgeons and as time passes they are getting closer and closer to their goal, but mixing a career while having private lives are not always so easy…  After the plane crash it’s time to deal with the aftermath and everyone in the hospital struggles to deal with what happened. As time paces new interns and new people are introduced and it is time for the former interns to advance in their careers, but the hospital have bigger problems than anyone though and those things are not always easy to fix.

Everything has improved everything. Sure there are some characters I miss but the new ones were a great addition. The first episodes were not so interesting but it kept getting better. So I really felt that the plot had improved as well and this time I actually cared about what happened while I was watching the show. Some episodes were actually really funny. They were hilarious and I’m not sure if it’s my bad since of humor or if it really has gotten better, or what do you guys think?

In the end all the improvements that were made actually saved the show and I will definitely be watching the 10th season once it’s out. 8 / 10


4 comments on “Grey’s Anatomy Season 9

  1. Great post! We sincerly enjoyed reading your page.
    How often do you write articles? You’re very inspiring!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear it. Well the ultimate goal would be to publish something every day, but school and life usually gets in the way, but I think my average posts per week would be four.

      Aw, thank you! Let’s hope I will continue to be inspiring (because I think I’m doing it unconsciously.)

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