The vampire diaries

The series have so far been a major hit and it all started in 2009. With the 4th season finished of recently I thought that I would add a review of this drama and fantasy show.

The main character is Elena who falls for the new guy who has moved into town. She eventually also starts to like his brother and to make things worse both of them are vampires. As the mystery thickens in the town Elena realizes that the only problem in the town is not vampires, but witches, werewolves, ghosts, hybrids, a doppelganger and so much more.

This show has been great! Or it used to be about three years ago. Then something went wrong, but it cannot be all blamed on the show. The problem for me was that I outgrew it and I was no longer a part of the show’s target audience and if you are not a part of the target audience in a show like this then it instantly becomes really bad.

The second problem was that it got repetitive. Elena always seemed to be the exact same character. You already knew what her reaction would be to something before it happened. The other characters eventually took the same path, you have a neurotic person, a typical nice girl who can get really mad and the “good guy” brother and the “bad guy brother.” In the end it all becomes a bit to stereotypical to me.

They did spice things up in the latest season and it was the best one so far. But it did not fix the mediocrity of the previous seasons. In the end the show in itself is pretty good, but not for me… not anymore… 6 / 10


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