Stick it

Sometimes you come across an unusual movie that is not so well known. This one is a special treat for all gymnasts out there, but others can of course enjoy it as well and the movie also raises an interesting topic concerning all sports that are judged through points. It sound serious but it is more of a chick flick, mostly suited for the younger teens out there and it is a comedy from 2006.

This is about a former gymnast who gets herself into some trouble with the law and is thereafter forced to start up her gymnastics career again. Like the typical rebellious teenager flick she is extremely against this, so against it that she does not want to do it at all, but will she have a choice?

This is not the kind of movie that will win any academy awards, the characters are pretty stereotypical and the comedy is not so great. It has its funny moments but most of the time the comedy aspect fails. The plot is fairly strong, I may not be too happy about the beginning and I don’t see the logic in her being forced to do gymnastics again.

It is however fun to see her reluctantly pic up her training again and it teaches you a thing or two about the commitment an athlete must have. Furthermore the plot develops a bit more and gets some layers when it’s time for a competition.  The ending is pretty standard and there is nothing really revolutionary about it.

So this may not be a groundbreaking movie but I think it’s fun to see people do things I can’t do myself. Whether it’s dancing, gymnastics or some karate I really do like watching it. This is one of those movies you only watch once, during a rainy boring day and you will find it pretty decent. But it’s not a movie you spend weeks planning to watch because if you do disappointment will hit you. 6 / 10


2 comments on “Stick it

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    I thought this was such an awesome movie that even I blogged about it, too, today! I tried to write it in the same voice as in the movie. Regardless, I loved this movie. And like you said, it is unusual. Not well known, I find this flick had so much going for it. The look, the soundtrack, the script. It was incredibly funny and with a moral to the story. The best kind, really!

    • Nice, I’m off to reading that post once I’m done with the comment! 🙂 I loved the soundtrack too, it was great to see some actual music in a movie instead of some Disney pop songs (not that there is anything that wrong with them but a “real soundtrack” with songs that matched the movie was nice to see.)

      Some of the characters are not so good, but the main one is hilarious and even though I don’t like all of the characters I still feel that they make a statement. This is a great popcorn movie, tough I think I would have rated it higher it I had written the review after the first time I saw it, because the second time I was overanalyzing way too much.

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