The carbon diaries 2015

Good evening everyone! Now that I have started out on a nice note we will take a look at the dystopian young adult novel Carbon Diaries 2015, which is the first book in the series. The author is Saci Lloyd and the book came out in 2008.

The book is obviously set in 2015 and the city will be London. The European Union finally agreed to a proposal to save the planet from environmental destruction. The key is to make a system with carbon dioxide points. If you use too many points then the electricity shuts down and so on. But England and particularly London is not ready for a major change like that and riots appear as the city seems to collapse more and more each day…

I liked the diary format in the book and I found it suiting as this is an each day journey for the people in London to cope with the changes to their daily life and since the novel covers about 11 months of time it was good to have it in a diary form. I liked the carbon dioxide system, I saw it interesting and it seemed pretty realistic. What I did not like were the characters and I also disliked much of the plot.

The main character was good at times but she was overall a character whose opinions I usually disliked. I did not like her priorities and the “I’m in a band thing” which gave the book some song lyrics that I did not care for. The background characters were a disappointment as well, the only thing I liked was that the main character did not exactly have the perfect family, but everything else was pretty bad. The plot was not too great either, the theme never really caught on. Instead of finding the riots and the society adaption interesting it felt a bit like I was trying to read a bad newspaper article that a kid who did not really know what an article is had written.

On the plus side the book did have some pictures, tables and things like that to illustrate the society change. I don’t usually like these types of things but it once again suited the book. I thought that the Swedish cover was the best one since it reminded me of Chernobyl and I thought the book would be interesting. The other one just looks plain, but now I kind of like it because it matches my thoughts on the book. Ah, don’t you just hate it when a book disappoints you. 5 / 10

The page caption I promised you.

The Swedish cover

vs the English one


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