Colorful muffins and cordial recipe

I will try to be productive today and therefore my update will be pretty brief, but on the plus side it will contain quite a few pictures. I have baked similar muffins before and all my muffins ingredients have the same base recipe. I thought this recipe tasted like normal muffins which were kind of odd, so this recipe is more for fun so you can see how muffins end up when you add some color… If you want to try it then feel free, because it’s not like they were disgusting or anything, they just tasted like normal muffins. The thing I hope you keep reading for is the cordial recipe.

The recipe to follow: Blueberry and banana muffins

What to remove:

The bananas, the blueberries, the vanilla sugar and half of the milk

What to add:

2 deciliters of colored marshmallows

½ deciliter of rhubarb (pie plant) cordial

The colored marshmallows and the cordial

The colored marshmallows and the cordial


There is a reason they are called colorful, but I was shocked when I saw how much color they actually gained.

There is a reason they are called colorful, but I was shocked when I saw how much color they actually gained.

What on earth is cordial?!  – Yes you will get a recipe:

I don’t know if everyone is familiar whit what it is but I had no idea that there was a translation for something I used to drink a lot when I was a kid. The closest thing I thought existed in the English language would be lemonade. This is kind of the same thing. To make cordial one simply uses berries, water and sugar, sure there are other things you can throw in but that is the main concept.

I did not do this recipe myself, it’s a pretty standard recipe (I’ll take not credit for it) and the only thing I did was translating it. So I’d recommend you try this awesome thing, even though I personally prefer strawberry cordial or something else; (search the web for alternative fruit and berry cordial recipes and you shall find…)

This recipe will give you about 3 liters of rhubarb (pie plant) cordial and it will take you 1h and 25 minutes to make.

1 kilo of rhubarb (pie plant)

1 ½ liters of water

4 ½ deciliters of sugar

The juice from 1 lemon (I’d say the lemon part is optional)

  1. Chop the rhubarbs (pie plants) into small pieces and let them boil with the water for about 15 minutes. Rinse the liquid and throw away the rhubarbs (pie plants) that got stuck in your rinsing tool.
  2. Boil the liquid again with the sugar and the lemon juice and afterwards you let it cool down.
  3. Pour the cordial into bottles and store them in the fridge. To drink it you pour up the cordial in a glass and mix it with water so it’s not too strong.
  4. Enjoy one of the most summery drinks you’ll find in Sweden.

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