There has been some book reviews lately but I am planning to see some movies soon and I have made a new recipe. But today you will get a review of the first fairytale retelling I have ever read. I had been curious about the genre for a while but I could not find any book that I liked. I just wanted to read something about fairies so I was surprised that this little LGTB – YA book also turned out to be a fairytale retelling of Cinderella, written by Malinda Lo (published 2009).

Ash (the main character’s) mother and father dies, she is left as a servant serving her stepmother. Ash hates it and want’s to escape and figure out if the fairies from the tales exist or if she will discover something more important during her quest…

This book was nothing like I imagined it to be. The fantasy element was bigger, I had assumed that it would be set in a somewhat modern time, or at least be a bit more realistic and I thought the only fantasy elements would be fairies. I was sorely mistaken. There was not particularly a lack of fairies but it was not at all like I imagined it. I was also surprised that it was told from a third person view and I was happily surprised by the lack of romance.

The story is well written but sometimes I wished that a bit more would happen in the book, because I sometimes felt that the story got a bit dragged out and the book is only about 250 pages so I thought that it would be a bit more adventurous than it was. The plot differed so much from what I had in mind, in the end I suppose I had wanted a different story but the one I got was pretty good to. I would actually recommend the book and if you think I’m negative I am actually not. I am just surprised, the story was pretty special and I will definitely try to get a hold of another book Malinda Lo has written. 7 / 10

I like both covers but I prefer the blue one, it looks more mysterious…


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