Book Update


Yesterday there were disturbances with the internet connection in the entire area, so I just hope that doesn’t happen again this week. This meant that I will tell you my awesome story about yesterday’s events today. Recently the library in my town was rebuilt. I was so mad because I could not find a single book I wanted to borrow. I thought it was a disaster so when I returned to the library yesterday I was shocked. They had so many books that it was insane. I could only borrow five but I will return and borrow six more once I have finished these once.

This means that there will be a lot of book reviews coming soon. Therefore I decided to give you a teaser on what is to come.

I will talk about the books starting with the upper row from the left. In brackets you will find the English translation because believe it or not (I almost didn’t) but I found so many books directly that I did not even reach the English section! Click on the title and you will magically appear at the book’s Goodreads page.

Darlah (172 Hours on the Moon) This by a Norwegian author (yes it has an English translation) and it’s about three normal teens winning a competition that takes them to the moon. But are they really alone on the moon? This sounds like an interesting book since there are normal teens so I’m excited.

Resten får du ta reda på själv (Before I fall) You only have one day left to live, or do you? Because when Samantha dies she get’s seven more tries to fix her last day alive. I do realize that I might not like the book because I think that there will be a lot of psychological aspects about what Samantha is thinking and feeling, nevertheless it sounds like an awesome concept.

Rör mig inte (Shatter me) Gosh, sometimes Swedish translations are so weird. It took me a while to figure out what it was called in English since the actual Swedish translation means don’t touch me. Don’t touch me is kind of a good explanation in a way since the main characters touch is deadly… This reminds me of the girl from x-men (Rouge?) either was I think it’s an epic theme so I really have big hopes for this one.

Mitt klimat-katastrofala liv (The Carbon Diaries 2015) In 2015’s London a new system is introduced to save the environment, but the people are really not happy about it. I have always liked books set in the future and this is such an interesting way to change the society. The book also have pictures and fun things in it which I usually do not like but they really fit in this case, pictures of those kind of pages in the book will come with my review, if I can remember taking them, hehe…

Divergent (Divergent) Yep useless translation, I know, but either way here the rant comes. Am I the last man (or woman) standing that still has not read these immensely famous dystopia series? Either way not it’s time and I think it’s interesting that it all comes down to one life choose. I don’t actually want to know much more about the book before I read it, I just hope it blows me away!

Ash (this is already in English) So, I did not actually borrow this book but since some of you might wonder what happen to it I decided to mention it. I am over halfway through it so you can expect a review of the first fairytale retelling I have ever read very soon.


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