Miss Julie

If you wonder why I have not been around lately it’s because of some headaches and the fact that it’s only three weeks left until summer break! I would have been excited for the summer but school has always had a particular fascination with seeing how many assignments and homework they can give the students and see who breaks down in tears first… So I’m pretty busy at the moment.

This was a little thing from school, namely an old tragedy play written by one of Sweden’s most famous author August Strindberg. If you had seen my reviews of other plays you know I’m not a fan of them. This one was not so bad, but old language, set in the 1800’s and it deals with the class systems from that era. In other words this is the type of writing that I should not be reading since I always end up hating it.

The story’s main character is Miss Julie, who is the daughter of the estate owner who likes to socialize with the servants of the house and other people she shouldn’t mingle with. Jean is the main servant of the house and this story is about Miss Julie and Jean and how their relationship develops…

This was honestly really confusing, I did in fact not understand the ending until I looked up some words and found a summary for the play. Now that I know what the ending is, I actually like it. Another good thing was that there was a lot of drama and we got to see some interesting events. The problem with this play is there is so much drama and change of attitudes between the characters that I get bored.

There is not so much to say about a play that is only about 60 pages, but if you are interested in these types of plays than you might love it, if you don’t it kind of falls flat. 4 / 10

This appear to be an adaption but it was the only sole cover of Miss Julie I could find that is not fused together with the other plays he has written.



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