Chocolate cake with salted peanuts

This type of Chocolate cake is very typical for Sweden; it hardly passes a week without someone I know mentioning how they baked an awesome chocolate cake. Now I don’t really like peanuts but I have to admit that salty peanuts in the mix were splendid idea, but that’s up to you to decide.

Oven temperature: 150˚C Time range: about 35 – 45 minutes


2 eggs

2 deciliter of sugar

100 grams of butter

1 ½ deciliters of wheat flour

4 tablespoons of cocoa

1 – ½ deciliters of salted peanuts

Icing ingredients:

3 ½ deciliters of icing sugar

1 tablespoon of cocoa

1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar

50 grams of butter

½ deciliters of strong coffee

Some coconut flakes, you can use sprinkles or something else if you feel like it.

  1. So this is a pretty simple thing to make. Melt the butter first and then simply throw all the ingredients in and whisk properly. It might seem odd to do so without any steps but it’s needed for the consistency that I will come back to later.
  2. Cut a baking paper into a circle. The circle should be larger than the pan so it protects the edges of the pan. Place the circle in a round pan (with a diameter of about 20 centimeters), the pan you use should have removable edges. The removable edges parts is once again for the consistency because if the pan does not have removable edges the cake will most likely get stuck in the pan.
  3. Pour the dough into the pan and put it into the oven in 150˚C for between 35 – 45 minutes.

How to make the icing:

Simply mix everything together (the coffee should preferably be cold). Put the icing on the cake and top it or with coconut flakes or sprinkles.

This is the one I made.

This is the one I made.

My picture was not so good therefore I found this one instead, it is not the exact same recipe tough but this is the consistency the cake should strive to have. So like you can tell it is not supposed to be super solid, so don’t look too much at the minutes when it’s in the oven but look for it to have the kind of consistency that you find in this picture.


2 comments on “Chocolate cake with salted peanuts

  1. mydearbakes says:

    What a lovely bake you have there, Yummy! =)

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