Chinese Cinderella

This is the memoires of Adeline Yen Mah. They were published in 1999 and in the book she returns to her past to tell us the story about how she grew up. In her upbringing she was seen as the black sheep of the family, the unwanted daughter that no one cared about. She tries to exceed in school to make her family like her, but will that ever really work and what happens to a girl that no one cares about, does she even have a future at all?

I have always liked autobiographical books and especially books where everything is not perfect. A downside whit the “based on a true story” books are that they are just based on a true story and are none-fiction books. Why is that an issue? I feel like sometimes excitement is lost and in a real life situation the action does not occur all the time. This made me loose the will to read the book. It felt like there was nothing to look forward to on the next page.

The story is unique and it has some plot twists to keep you going, but the language did not make me immerse myself in the book and the characters were not so good. This is supposed to be a great tale and it’s a very good book for many to read. I liked reading about the culture and the last section of the book the best. Tough in a way I still don’t feel that it’s special enough and in the end I am kind of dissatisfied with the book. 5 / 10


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