Yes Man

Few can have missed this comedy movie that came out back in 2008. I have seen it quite a few times and I suppose I like it more than most people do.

This movie is all about a negative guy who makes a promise to answer yes to every single question for an entire year. So it’s not surprising that most unexpected things happened and ha huge personality transformation to go with that appears.

The movie might not give me the greatest laugh of all time. This is simply because any movie with Jim Carrey in the tend to go a bit overboard and this is one of them. Sure some moments are hilarious but there are major flaws where everything is just a bit too much. The story however has an originality that I appreciate. Saying yes to everything would cause quite comical situations and I think many wants to know what that is like and therefore the movie has become so popular.

I really do think it is the idea behind the movie that makes it so interesting and the comical situations that arises with it. But most importantly the thought you get afterwards: “Is saying yes to everything something I would want for myself:” It is always fun to see big character development but when the background characters are a bit plain and uninteresting the grade falls a bit.

It is still a fun movie and it is worth watching just for the concept behind it. 8 / 10


5 comments on “Yes Man

  1. skunkieboo says:

    Have you seen his movie Liar Liar? I wonder if it’s similar to this movie. It sounds interesting but Jim Carrey annoys me so much sometimes.

    • I have not seen it bu judging from the summary IMDB offers it might have some similarities. It does sound interesting indeed and it could be fun to see if his acting has changed over the years. Yes he does tend to go overboard i parts where he suddenly is not so funny anymore and it all feels like a comedy for kids.

    • twrightlove says:

      Lol, how does he annoy you? That’s funny all in itself. His movies doesn’t make me chant, Encore, but I like Liar, Liar better. The concept is what captured me 🙂

      • The concept is what I like too, I guess I find Jim Carrey a bit repetitive at times, I mean you know what his since of humor will lean to in a movie, but I just sometimes feels like it gets a bit too much. Like when he duck taped his face in the movie is a typical going a bit too far if you ask me. While having him answering the phone with “just hanging there” after having bungee jumped is hilarious. I hope you got what I meant 😀

      • twrightlove says:

        I get it, “just hanging there” lol.

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