Game of thrones (season 1)

The show everyone seems to love. The little I knew (which was pretty much nothing) about the show still made me keep the show on hold. It is not as awesome as everyone says but it is pretty good. So do not postpone it as I did.

Even after seeing the first season I find it hard to explain the plot. I guess one could say that it is a little mix between fantasy in a realistic setting with medieval elements (history is not my thing but its set in the past.) It centers on different families and who has the power and such.

Yep, that was possibly the lousiest description ever and it made the show sound really boring. Well let’s move on to my thoughts instead and see if they can convince you. In the beginning there was only one character I liked, but towards the end I actually started liking a handful of them. I am not such a fan of the actual plot, but the show is different and the characters I like, I really like a lot.

I have never been a fan of things set far back in the past but the fantasy elements and other things creates another feeling and I am actually quite content with the setting. There is not so much suspense and action in the show, sure a lot of people die and there is fighting but I find it hard getting into the action show mood.

Technically this is not a show that I am supposed to like, but I like some characters and the plot around them and which each episode I sense a slight improvement. So for me to like this show it must be really good, not excellent but really good. So give it a shot and we’ll see if I have actually understood why I like it when I return with my review of the second season. 7 / 10


One comment on “Game of thrones (season 1)

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