Otherkin was the best YA book I have ever read, so when I got my hands on the sequel Othermoon I was scared that I might be disappointed. Luckily Nina Berry impressed me once again with her awesome writing skills and the series continue to be the best one I have ever read. The third part Othersphere will most likely be released this year and as soon as it’s out I will be standing in line at the bookstore.

After Dez’s last fight with the tribunals she and her shape shifting friends are not safe at all. Who to trust becomes very hard when the barriers between the invisible Othersphere world and Earth start to decrease. The tribunals are not happy with their loss during the last battle and therefore Dez must make hard decisions to keep the tribunals from annihilating the shape shifters.

The series really feels like they were written for me, giving me all the aspects I like and the ones I might have a problem with are kept in the background or changed so I like them. One example would be the romance aspect, firstly I don’t really like romance but if it’s in the background (which I think it was) then I’m fine with it. Secondly there was a certain YA-popular aspect to the romance that I despise, it almost had me worried, but before any serious move to that aspect occurred, the plot shifted again.

The genres were perfectly balanced again and I really like that there is a lot going on and the fact that there is some action. A great thing in Othermoon was that it developed some more layers to the story, without making it blurry and only interesting. Just like Iron Man 3 (weird thing to compare with, I know) it made all the characters I was a bit skeptical to even better and me made me like the characters a lot. The ending was extremely unexpected, almost shocking. But I liked it and now I am definitely looking forward to the sequel.

The only bad thing was that everything felt kind of empty once I had finished it, but that is a good thing in itself since it means that I want to continue the series. It’s probably not too hard to guess my little rating and I would really like to recommend the series! 10 / 10 (Obviously)

Some of my friends said that they don’t like the cover, well they might not win a beauty award but they do show the book’s plot clearly. Therefore I still love the covers since I like covers that “explains” the book a bit.



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