Baking Tip: Vanilla aroma (Vanila essence)

Sorry for my absence (again). With spring coming unforeseen events usually happened, like BBQ’s that I was not prepared for. Nor was I prepared for a trip to the emergency and definitely not for the strangest inflammation I have experienced in my life.

Therefore I will keep things simple today and you will get a baking tip instead. The ones who have followed my recopies for a while have probably noticed that I use vanilla aroma a lot. I discovered it about half a year ago and I love it. When I translated it from Swedish it appeared to be Vanilla aroma in English, but it seems as if it’s actually called vanilla essence. So I have apparently translated it wrong all along, but nobody has corrected me so I think you got what I meant? Either way I will try to remember that it’s called vanilla essence from now on, but I won’t go back and edit it in all my recipes since no one has misunderstood me so far.

Vanilla essence is used as a replacement for vanilla sugar. It’s in liquid form and 2 ½ teaspoons of vanilla essence is the equivalent of using 1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar. The good thing about the aroma is that I think it gives the cakes / cookies a purer vanilla taste which is why I use it as much as I do. Vanilla essence can probably be found in the baking section in most grocery stores.

For the Swedish ones: This is the one I’m using and it can be found at Coop stores at least (I bet the other stores have them too.)

An English sample (bless Google Images)


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