Now you see me (trailer)

Firstly I would like to thank all my subscribers for helping me to reach the 100 subscribers mark. But now I will stop my little award speech and move on. We all have days where we want to do a bunch of things an my plan was to give you a nice Friday review of a family movie. Unfortunately I have a bad day and I’m feeling pretty dizzy. So instead I will introduce an upcoming movie to you.

Now You See me was one of the trailers I saw when I want to see Iron Man and I was pleasantly surprised. I had never heard about it and without the trailer I would probably never have seen it. The trailer really blew me away and it seems to be a quite special story about illusionists who robs banks and gives the money to their audience. Many of the actors are recognizable with Morgan Freeman probably being the most famous one. It will hit the theaters in the 31st of May and if you have not heard of it see the trailer, be amazed and I hope you tune in for that cute family movie review tomorrow.


2 comments on “Now you see me (trailer)

  1. skunkieboo says:

    Every since I saw the trailer I’ve been looking forward to this movie. I hope all the best scenes are not in the trailer.

    • The same here, it seems so visually amazing that I just have to see it. I also hope the trailer did not reveal everything, but if it did I don’t think I will care so much about it since it looks so stunning.

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