Like I said in my previous post I am feeling nostalgic an tough I may not have time to see all the movies I wanted it was time for a re-watch of my favorite coming of age story. It is still as brilliant as the first times I saw it and I found it astonishing of how many new layers you can see and the things you can realize. I also got to learn an interesting thing about the movie today. It is actually semi-autobiographical since it is loosely based upon Nikki Reed’s (Evie in the movie) life during that age. This thrilling drama movie probably caused some debates when it came out back in 2003 and if you have not seen it I would, really recommend that you do so.

We meet our main character (Tracy). With a mother that is slightly unstable and a new school she learns that her life might not be as good as she originally thoughts. Tracy goes from a well accomplished student into the reckless girl who hangs out with the most popular kid in school (Evie). That causes traumatic turns in her life, from being happy and content, turning into drugs and self-harm. This is a story of a family in commotion as their lives turn upside down.

The story is gripping from beginning to end. Even though it might be rare that all this will happen to one person it is far from impossible. So even if it is unlikely all those events needs to happened for it to be a good movie and I think many can relate to at least some aspect of the movie, whether it’s the parent, the kids or someone else. Therefor this is a movie for everyone, but I would not advice it to people younger than ten, but at the same time if you are that young many aspects will most likely be lost and therefor the movie will hopefully not do any harm.

An interesting aspect was also the visuals. I never thought about them when I used to watch the movie before, but now I realize that they portray the story really well. For instance, when everything is fine the colors are pretty bright, but when the dramatic events happen the characters will look pale, representing their mental state of mind.

Those visual aspects might not be so obvious but I did notice them. The acting is great; I like the fact that there were not “adults” playing the 13-year-olds since because I think it makes everything more believable. The only thing I don’t actually like was the last five minutes of the movie, but it is nearly perfect and I do think it’s a must see.  9 / 10


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