A Need So Beautiful

I am feeling nostalgic and I want to post a bunch of movie re-watches this week. But school is bombarding me so we’ll see how many of them I will actually have time to watch. But for today you will get another YA review. Published in 2011 and written by Suzanne Young, A Need So Beautiful will give you a fantasy story about angels in a slightly unusual perspective.

I was shocked when I had finished the book. Why? Well the plot was not at all like I thought it would be so I guess that I somewhere along the line mixed up the book with another one. The actual plot as I discovered it was quite different than what I thought. We met our protagonist Charlotte. She is a pretty normal teenager except for her asthma attacks. Only they are not asthma attacks, they are a compulsory feeling that will cause Charlotte pain until she helps a random stranger.

As these compulsory feelings grows stronger Charlotte is getting weaker, she never wanted to be the one who helps strangers out but soon enough she find herself in a quite unusual inner struggle for good or evil and the consequences of choosing either sides are extremely final.

The book was very good, the plot was a bit odd in the beginning but the pace kicked up and it left you with an ending that was very rare. There were unfortunately some issues; Charlotte’s best friend was an annoyance, as was her family and her boyfriend. I can live with all those things but it did definitely drag the mood down a bit. Even though the good or evil struggle was well made in the book I sometimes felt that it was a bit too much mind games juggling Charlotte back and forth.

The compulsory feelings are a big part of the book but sometimes I found them annoying and I just wanted to skim through them to see what would happened to Charlotte. The ending did save a lot, it is an ending that I would not want on a regular basis but I was glad that it happened. The only thing that I find odd is the feeling afterwards. With a striking ending and an almost cliffhanger ending one would assume that I would throw myself over the book. Even though I liked it this is not my feeling at all, so I will wait until the pocket edition comes out in the autumn instead. Nevertheless the book was still pretty awesome. 7 / 10

When I first saw the cover I loved it, but now it seems kind of plain…


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