A State Of Mind (North Korea)

I’m sorry for my little absence and hopefully this awesome documentary will make up for it. The first time I watched it I was 11, and I did not really understand it at all. I have been searching for it and I found the entire documentary on YouTube (link below the post.)

A state of mind is a British documentary from 2004 that takes you in on the inside of North Korea. Of course they were not allowed to film everything and North Korea kept a strict supervision on what they could include and what they could not include in the documentary. You get to see glimpses of how North Korea is for average people and I learned quite a lot. Still the main focus is the North Korean Mass Games. The Mass Games is a tribute to their leaders and the way for people to show devotion to their country. We get to follow two young children as they train for the Mass Games and the things around the games.

This is the first documentary I have seen about North Korea, especially from the inside as I assumed that it would be totally forbidden to shoot anything there. Even though it’s not a political documentary I still think it’s a relevant one and it was interesting to see everything from an inside perspective. They do talk about propaganda a lot and that might irritate some people who the propaganda relates to, but for me it was fine and propaganda will always work in numerous directions and therefore it did not bother me at all.

The Mass Games themselves was astonishing to see, if you don’t think about the purposes of them and all the people that fell before the finish line it was an astonishing act to watch. Gymnastics was taken to a completely different level and I was amazed. I still think it’s a great documentary even if you don’t like gymnastics as you learn a lot in general. Unfortunately I liked it a bit better when I was younger because then I did not understand the seriousness of the situation and now that I do, I can’t really say that it was a pleasant feeling to be able to understand all the bad aspects of the life the gymnasts were living. 8 / 10


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