X-Men First Class

This was one of the better superhero movies I have seen. I have no clue on why I waited two years to watch it, I suppose I found the story line boring? Luckily the storyline was excellent and I’d say that this is the best x-men movie so far.

In this movie we get to see how it all started. Who were the first mutants and the society’s reaction towards the ones with the super powers? The people the movie focuses on most will be Magneto and Charles Xavier, but many interesting connections to other characters and the cold war will be made.

This movie definitely had the best plot, by making connections to the cold war and going back to old characters the movie was a joy to watch. It was really fascinating to see when the old characters appeared in their younger years and how everything started. It will probably be a worse movie if you have not seen the previous films. Therefore I’d recommend seeing the three first movies before this one (Wolwerine is not really necessary) but I do think that you can like this movie without the previous ones.

The visuals were really good, but I was not always a fan of how Mystique’s transformation looked but other than that everything was fine. I was quite shocked at some of the connections of how it all began. The characters were also good and some of them had more layers than I expected.

This really was the best x-men movie and a great popcorn movie. 8 / 10


4 comments on “X-Men First Class

  1. theqwon says:

    I agree, a great popcorn flick and you can never really get enough of looking at Jennifer Lawrence. 🙂

  2. williamjepma says:

    Love this movie. Definitely my favorite of the Xmen.

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