God I’ am so glad this book was released. It reminded me about a kid book by Swedish author Laura Trenter. That book was about a girl who transformed into a mountain lion and ever since I have been fascinated by “cat shape shifters.” Nina Berry gave me the same elements in Otherkin with a story so packed with events that it was hard to put the book away.

Otherkin was published in 2012 and it’s a young adult book with an awesome main character (Dez) that reminded min about Rose from Vampire Academy. Already on the fifth page (just after you got to know a bit about Dez) we find ourselves in a hostage situation. Dez learns that she is an Otherkin and a feline shape shifter and have to try and escape the Tribunals, shape shifters enemies and then try to come to terms with that she is not who she think she was.

Gosh, the book was awesome! Events after events happened and it felt like you were in the middle of a great action movie. I realize some people might not like that the book was so eventful and they might thing that the book moved a bit too fast. But for me this was a perfect exchange compared to all the books I have been reading in my literature course lately.

The main character was stunning and you just can’t hate her. She is the sort of person who has some guts and has some depth. The romance aspects did not even bother me at all since they were covered under the action and everything else that was going on. It was not a typical love at first sight but more of a Stockholm syndrome affect and psychology vise that works.

I think they set a great base for Othermoon and I will buy it as soon as I can. The shape shifting society seems interesting so far so I have big expectations for the next book. It feels strange to give a book full score but it almost seem as if it was written for me, so this book will be highly recommend and I hope I can get a hold of the next one before the end of this week. 10 / 10

I loved the cover since it showed me exactly the story I wanted to read. But now I thing her back looks a bit strange, but Othermoon has the same theme and it looks even better so I still love the cover.


One comment on “Otherkin

  1. […] Otherkin was the best YA book I have ever read, so when I got my hands on the sequel Othermoon I was scared that I might be disappointed. Luckily Nina Berry impressed me once again with her awesome writing skills and the series continue to be the best one I have ever read. The third part Othersphere will most likely be released this year and as soon as it’s out I will be standing in line at the bookstore. […]

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