YA, US release! The Circle

I never thought I would have the time to update today, but I did find the time anyways. Today I got exciting news for you YA lovers out there! The Swedish book the circle will be released in the US on the 2nd of May. The book is one of my favorite Swedish YA books and I really hope you will pick it up. If you want to know a bit more about the book then you can check out my old review of it here. In short it is about a group of teenagers who discover that they are witches. I don’t really have a lot of time on my hands so you have to read the review instead. The book has been very popular and has been sold for publication in many languages e.g. Hungarian and now in English.

The authors´ are Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren. It is the first book in the trilogy and will follow by Fire (Swedish release name: Eld) and The Key (Swedish release of “Nyckeln expected in the autumn of 2013.) I have a review for Fire but even though it hopefully won’t give away to many spoilers, I won’t link it in respect for those who barely have the guts to read a summary of a sequel before reading the first book. So if you want to read my review of the second book than just search for it. So I hope you throw yourself over the book and will like it as much as I did and if my words have not convinced you I hope the covers will.

This is the official cover that will be released in the US. Why do I like it, well it’s the same as the Swedish one and… well that is the only reason I have right now.

This is the cover of an English translation I have seen being sold in Sweden. I don’t know if that cover will be published in English speaking countries tough. Tough I do know it can be bought online (e.g. on Amazon.)


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