The Host

Firstly I’d like to thank everyone for the 2000 hits! I really appreciate it and I’m planning to add some things to my blog shortly (perhaps it will all be finished on Monday.) Spoiling things is never fun so this is the only info I will give you for now. 

I have had the host (by Stephanie Meyer) for about three years! I don’t know why I never read it but since the movie was going to come out I made it my mission to finish the book before seeing the movie. Now that I wanted to read the book the book was gone! I have been looking for it during the last month but it seems to have gone to outer space. So I borrowed an audio book. Unfortunately you could hear that it was a bored old woman reading the story to you. So it seems like there is some higher power who don’t want me to read the book, so I haven’t.

The story we learn that humans have changed, taken over by invisible terrestrial creatures (the hosts) who takes over their bodies and thereby striving to take over the body of every single human. Our main character is a human (Melanie) who recently had her body taken over by a host. Melanie is fighting the host as she knows remaining human survivors. As she struggles to stop the host from killing her family she mentally forces the host to go against its orders and interesting consequences will follow.

Well I’m not entirely happy with the description but it was as good as I could do.  The last movie I watched without reading the book was Beautiful Creatures. Unlike Beautiful creatures (which did not really have a single aspect I liked) The Host was an improvement. It had interesting aspects to the story even though there were some things I did not like. I liked the idea of the hosts but one of the things that got annoying was listening to Melanie screaming inside her host’s head.

The second thing was the middle to almost last part of the movie. It was the build up and things happened, but they did not grab me and I found it quite unsatisfactory to be losing interest at the storyline’s peak. The ending was pretty nice, not great, not bad, but just simply nice. Tough I would have skipped the epilogue as I am always a bit weary when it comes to “amount of time late” and I think it did not work so well in this case .Luckily the song Radioactive (by Imagine Dragons) appeared and saved the day.

Unlike beautiful creatures I feel like reading The Host may actually be slightly tempting, not by a lot but slightly. So if I find my book I will read it, but until then I will just see the host as a fairly decent move. A strong six it is, 6 / 10


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