I never liked Kirsten Dunst but after seeing her in the awsome movie Upside Down my viewpoint changed. Unfortunately the drama movie Melancholia (2011) ruined it all again.

During a wedding gone wrong things quickly change from depression to a new planet. This planet has been hidden by the sun and now it’s coming closer, closer and closer to colliding with earth.

This was not the plot at all, or well it was in a way but the feeling was completely different. To start of I should mention that the movie is about two hours long. For the first hour nothing happened, and the hour could have easily have been narrowed down to 15 minutes. It was almost pathetic how the characters were in the same place, doing the same uninspiring thing for half the movie. It got a bit better towards the second half but the movie still felt dragged out and boring. This is not supposed to be a feel good movie but I wished that they would have done something.

The main character is mentally unwell and in the beginning I bought it, but the longer I watched the movie the less convincing it became. Why? All the characters were plain, badly acted and the actions the main character did made you feel nothing for her and end up not caring about her at all.

The only thing I did like was the ending. I had been waiting for an ending like his for ages! Ages and when I finally got it, it felt good, tough not good enough to make me like the movie. Still it was the ending I needed to not absolutely despise this movie.

Seriously tough, I do think a lot of people will like this kind of movie. It has a subtle drama, an attempt to create complex characters even though I did not buy it and the plot line is pretty special in some aspects. Still I had expected a different story but the ending and being a movie about marriage but with no happiness was enough to raise my score by two points. 4 / 10



2 comments on “Melancholia

  1. Jack Flacco says:

    I haven’t read this post, didn’t want to spoil it for myself. But I’m a big Kirsten Dunst fan. She’s always managed to play these interesting roles that have captured my imagination. This is a movie I’ve been waiting for and I’m hoping it will not disappoint. Thanks for the reminder!

    • You’re welcome. I have pretty much only seen the bad movies she has mad and I was not so impressed with her performance in this movie either. But luckily you will get what you wished for; a different and interesting character. 🙂

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