Dorian Gray

English literature classics. As a young girl I was repulsed by all the old literary works, thinking that I’d hate them and find them boring. I still have problems with reading old books but I think it’s a good common knowledge to know the classics so if you don’t want to read them you have to watch them.

Dorian Gray is a typical example of a classic novel set in Victorian London. It has been made in several adaptions but I watched the one from 2009.  It is about a young boy who keeps his exterior un-ageing, but a dark sole taking promise leaves his sole stuck inside a painting, a painting that shows his true side even though his exterior never changes.

I was impressed, I liked the concept and the acting was good. The story was pretty different and most of the characters were very likable. The movie was about two hours and at some moments I thought that the movie was a bit too long. I liked the setting and I thought that the way they portrayed the time era was very convincing.

The only thing I was not so found of was the ending; it was still good but not so unexpected. I also disliked some of Dorian Grays action, you are not supposed to like him but some of the scenes in the movie felt seriously wrong and I almost had to avert my eyes from watching them. Another thing I noticed was that the blood looked very fake in its color and consistency, but that’s one of those things that few movies seem to get right so I’m not really sure of what made it stand out in this movie.

So another classic accomplished watching in movie form and I was pleasantly surprised. Sure it’s a dark movie but I liked it and I’d recommend the version from 2009. 8 / 10



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