I did not like the book but as it’s a school thing I had to see the movie as well. It came out in 2007 and the spoken language in the movie is French. It can also be a good thing to mention that 90% of the movie is animated in the black and white style you can read about in the book review.

In the movie we follow a young girl from Iran and watch her grow up during the Islamic revolution. I know I said some more things during the book review but there is not actually that much to say about the plot in the movie because of the lack of depth.

I did not like the book and this did really not help. Watching things in languages I don’t understand is not exactly my favorite thing and even though I had subtitles you lose the immersion a bit since you are reading what is being said.

I had problems reading the boom since the graphic novel style was not really my thing, so it helped to see everything in a movie. Unfortunately it was animated like I said and it did not suit the movie at all. I felt ridiculous for watching it and if one had removed the war aspect I suppose a seven-year-old could watch it.

The worst part of it all was the version of “The Eye Of The Tiger.” The main character was singing so bad that the worst folks form “American Idol” sounds like Gods in comparison. Adding that with a bad aerobics scene the movie managed to portray the misery I felt watching it in one single scene. It should be a crime to perform such slaughter of a brilliant classic song.

In the end you should not be too scared of my review because Imdb has actually given it a decent rating, but if I were you I’d keep my distance.  3 / 10

The movie and the book seem to share the same cover


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