Ed Stafford Naked and Marooned

It was finally time for a documentary again. It recently aired on Discovery channel and I thought it was a nice concept.

Explorer Ed Stafford will be left abandoned on a deserted island where he will try and survive for 60 days. Mr Stafford is videotaping the entire thing by himself and is completely isolated from the outside world.

Things like this have naturally been done before, but I don’t recall that anyone has been shooting the entire documentary by themselves before. That caught my attention and three hours is not that much so I gave it a go and I liked it. It was really interesting seeing everything shoot by amateur hands. Luckily the cameras were not that shaky and the quality was very good.

It was interesting to see him figuring out how to survive, what not to eat and how to find shelter. It was a good thing that there were only three episodes tough, because a theme like this can become a bit boring to look at if it’s not on your all time favorite concepts list. So the short duration was very fitting.

This is not something that I’d like seeing replicated, but as a shorter documentary series it was pretty great. Not so fitting for a review tough, since there is not that much more to mention about a guy with three cameras, alone on an island. 8 / 10


By the way… they do censure him until he makes a Hawaii skirt out of leaves, haha


2 comments on “Ed Stafford Naked and Marooned

  1. skunkieboo says:

    Have you seen the show Survivorman. He does mini-versions of this. I liked it primarily because he was out there and doing the camera work himself. I think because he did a new location each week it didn’t get boring.

    • I have never heard of it actually. Switching the places is probably a great idea to get some variation and I think it’s necessary for the show’s survival. Doing the camera work himself was the aspect I liked as well because the other formats are extremely common. Luckily with only three episodes it did not get boring but if there would have been more I think the viewer count would seriously have dropped and I would have lost my interest in the show as well.

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